s.a.m health social fund

For broader access to regular testing for HIV and STIs.

Our service was developed together with users and people we have not reached so far (read more about the development of s.a.m health here).

Since then, the opinion of our users has been very important to us. We are committed to supporting all communities in the self-determined management of their sexual health. However, even with s.a.m health, financial barriers prevent some people from getting tested.

The idea - to make our test offer accessible to all people - has been a matter close to our hearts for a long time. That's why we're pleased to soon be one step closer to achieving this goal. Since July 2022, we have been able to offer users who meet certain who meet certain criteria for a reduction, we will be able to offer our test service for only 10€ from a newly established social fund.

The s.a.m health social fund offers us the opportunity to provide people with limited financial resources with the necessary tests for HIV and STIs at a discount of more than 80%. We would like to thank ViiV Healthcare for the financial support in implementing our request and for equipping the fund for the first six months.

s.a.m health Sozialfonds partners

We are committed to continuing to replenish the Social Fund with third-party funding to reach people in financial need in the future.

Deutsche AIDS Stiftung

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the German AIDS Foundation for supporting the Social Fund in 2023. This will enable us to make the s.a.m health test kit available to people in financial need again this year.


We would like to thank GILEAD Sciences for supporting the social fund in 2024. This donation will continue to make the offer of discounted testing kits available to people on low incomes.

Consideration of the individual financial as well as sexual-health situation

Under the Social Fund, people who were at increased risk of sexually transmitted infections but cannot pay the cost of the s.a.m health test kit can use our service for only 10€.

An increased risk of becoming infected with HIV or other STIs results for

To assess the need based on the financial situation, we take into account:

Do you want to apply for a Social Fund discount? Then register here and mention it at the beginning of the consultation!

Order discreetly online, and return by post.

How to get a discount from the s.a.m health social fund

First you have to register with s.a.m health. In a personal consultation - on site or by phone - you tell your counselor that you are interested in a discounted test. Your counselor will discuss your needs and questions about sexual health with you. They will determine if you are eligible to receive a test kit from the fund. Ideally, a discount will be possible for you and a payment link will be sent to you as an SMS. Using this link, you will then pay only 10€ for your test kit.

If you are already registered with s.a.m health, you can contact your local s.a.m health partner before ordering your new test kit. Your advisor will then clarify whether you can receive a discount via the social fund.

As with all funds, the resources of the s.a.m health Social Fund are limited. A certain quota of subsidized test kits is available each month. Please understand if the fund is exhausted at the time of your order.

Answers to your questions about accessing discounted testing for HIV and STI from the Social Fund can be found in our FAQ. Contact details for your test center can be found in your SMS or here at our local partners.

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