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Sex is beautiful!

And we want it to stay that way. That's why we've created a solution that gives you peace of mind for your sex life. STI stands for sexually transmitted infections and is also known as STD, which stands for sexually transmitted diseases. And that's why we're unpacking it now and showing you what our STI home test can do.

Which STIs are we testing for?


💉 Syphilis

💉 Chlamydia

💉 Gonorrhea

Get your STI testkit sent to your home

📲 Knowing your STI status is sexy

How does the s.a.m STI home test work?

A trip to the doctor's office? That was yesterday! Once you've registered with us, you choose your nearest checkpoint. You will receive your initial consultation by phone. Only then do you complete your order and we send the home test kit to your home. We attach great importance to discretion. That's why your package will arrive in an inconspicuous package that does not reveal the presence of an STI test kit.

With the test kit we test the four STIs mentioned above. However, the kit is available in different combinations. Your package contains a combination of:

And of course we have instructions (with pictures!) on how to take the sample correctly. Then you put your samples in the prepaid envelope and it will be delivered to our accredited partner lab.

💡 s.a.m health offers you the same security as a medical STI examination.

Längst normal: Regelmäßige diskrete Heimtests mit Laboranalyse auf HIV & STI

How do you get your STI results?

If your samples are negative (no detection of STIs) you will receive an SMS from us with the info. If a test is positive or reactive, we will send you an SMS with a request to call back to your checkpoint. We will not leave you alone with your result. There you will discuss further steps with the person.

By the way, your counselors at the Partner Checkpoint are still available if you have questions about STI, HIV or sexual health.

Regelmäßige STI Heimtests mit Laboranalyse

And your sexual health after the test?

With our offer, you decide at which intervals you want to be tested and when you have time and peace of mind to take the samples. You can have your STI home test kit sent to your home every 3, 6 or 12 months. For all further orders of your regular STI home tests, no consultation is required, you can simply request a new test kit conveniently via SMS.

The best part? You can easily postpone or not take a test if you haven't had any risks recently.

How much does an STI home test kit cost?

Our STI home test kit costs 75€ as a first order. All further orders cost 59€, each including shipping and VAT. For people with low income or high risk we have a discounted test kit. You can specify this in your order and during the consultation.

Get your STI testkit sent to your home

📲 Knowing your STI status is sexy

Why s.a.m health?

Why you should choose s.a.m for STI home testing? Simple:

Your sexual identity and orientation is the focus! We know the world is colorful, queer and diverse. And so is our advice to your needs.

You are never alone! We are there for you before, during and after. Our service does not stop at the STI home test, but accompanies you the entire time.

You benefit from expert advice! Our counselors are sex-positive and advise you without any stigmatization.

Why and when should I take a home STI test?

Why test at all? Good question! The tricky thing about many STIs is that they are asymptomatic. Conversely, this means many people don't even know they have an STI and can pass it on. We think it makes sense for you to get tested if:

Why do we test for these STIs?

Our STI test kit was not designed without a strategy. Would you like to know why we test for exactly these sexually transmitted infections in our STI test kit? And not others? Then you've come to the right place in our article about what you should really test for!

And with symptoms?

If you have symptoms, we advise you to go directly to a doctor! On this page you will find a directory of queer-friendly doctors. You can find detailed information on other sexually transmitted diseases and their testing, diagnosis and treatment options on the website of Deutsche Aidshilfe.

Sexual health, your way.

Our discreet mail order kit offers laboratory testing for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, and Chlamydia.

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