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Health care in times of Covid-19: risks and opportunities

The current pandemic has raised awareness of infection control measures. At the same time, it presents us with challenges in other areas of healthcare, particularly regular testing for STIs. This is where our innovative testing strategy comes in: Simply take the test for HIV and other STIs from home, when it's convenient for you.

Health management shifts into the home

In times of contact restrictions, the focus on individual health care is becoming stronger and stronger. Our s.a.m health service allows you to take part of your health care into your own hands and effectively test for HIV and other STIs.

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The importance of an effective test strategy for HIV and STI prevention

An effective testing strategy is essential in the fight against HIV and STDs. This enables early diagnosis, prevents disease complications and breaks chains of infection - all essential aspects in preventing the spread of these diseases.

Covid-19 and STIs: A balancing act

The current pandemic and related measures could theoretically slow the spread of STIs. On the other hand, however, the lockdown may also increase the risk of undetected infections if people avoid medical appointments and STI testing for fear of infection.

Innovation with measurable impact for public health systems

Not only in light of the asymptomatic courses of many STIs but also the current challenges in medical care and Covid-19 infection control, s.a.m health represents a relief for medical practices and public health services, who can, in turn, focus their resources on the treatment of diagnosed infections and the monitoring of more complex health problems.

The diagnosis rates from the pilot phase show that new or irregular testers were convinced by the service. In addition, the service is an important addition to public health care, especially for rural regions.

It will take our joint efforts to address the long-term effects of the pandemic now. s.a.m health offers a building block in the field of HIV and STI prevention that enables both healthcare professionals and patients to play their part. And now would be the perfect time to prevent an increase in HIV and STI infections after the end of the lockdown.

How s.a.m health works

In just a few steps, users can get tested for HIV & STI on a regular basis:

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The s.a.m health service is based on confidentiality, discretion and self-determination. In case of reactive or positive test results, treatment options are explained with referral to treating physicians to follow up.

Sexual health, your way.

Our discreet mail order kit offers laboratory testing for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, and Chlamydia.

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